Balz Steiger |  Creative Director & Owner
Product- & Graphic Designer

Design has always been my passion. I love the symbiosis between analysis, creativity, technology, aesthetics and functionality. My goal is to extract the sometimes complex interrelationships between the individual areas in a structured way and to derive a successful product from it. This process can be applied equally to two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects.


Alex Urosevic |  Owner INVOLT GmbH
Photographer & Business Partner Packaging

Photography and creativity are the center of my life. I am internationally active and have earned a reputation as a distinguished photographer in the field of product and portrait photography in recent years. After a seven-year stay in Milan and New York, I returned to Switzerland, where I have been working for 18 years as a photographer and consultant for renowned clients in Switzerland and abroad.


Talented freelance professionals


We are proud of our broad network of long-standing network partners and freelancers at home and abroad, whom we consult on a project-specific basis. Regardless of whether they are graphic designers, copywriters, marketing specialists, product designers, engineers, material specialists or toolmakers, we always remain the central point of contact for our customers.


  • 2nd prize | Innovation World Cup 2018 - Swiss Post: IoT Home Button
  • 1st prize | Vinitaly: International Competition - Wine bottle for Bruni Glass Milano
  • 1st prize | Effezeta Furniture: International Competition 2001 - table and chair
  • 2nd prize | Effezeta Furniture: International Competition 2003 - Office chair
  • Nomination for the Design Report Award | Salone Satellite 2002 - Chair and Lounge Chair
  • Nomination for the Design Report Award | Salone Satellite 2003 - Magnetic shelving system C-350
  • 50 years Ape Piaggio | Selection of the 1:10 scale model and presentation in Palermo
  • Special Mention | Cafe HAG - Brand Redesign


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