Successful projects should move both target audiences and markets. Drawing on the initial vision, we develop user-friendly products for leisure and work, objects to treasure. We create shapes that equally consider function, form and material, resulting in products that are economically viable and can be marketed successfully. Our strategic approach provides us with a cutting-edge advantage both over short-lived market trends and the competition.

Glass bottle

This elegant glass bottle shape was inspired by the flowing form
of the water drop and follows Le Corbusier's teachings on
proportions, known as Modulor. Produced by the manufacturing
company, Bruni Glass of Milan, the bottle is available in various
forms and sizes.

1st prize Vinitaly wine fair

Multifunctional bottle opener

Its sleek design and functionality make versatile bottle opener Shark an attractive object. Multifunctional in use, the Shark deftly opens stubborn PET screw caps, obstinate bottle tops and champagne corks. A handy tool, also for children, for opening any PET bottle.

Polymer drinking bottles


These drinking bottles were developed as a sponsoring tool for sports events. Their ergonomically optimal shape makes them stand out and at the same time offers generous space for placing brand names and advertising slogans.

Carton packaging for noodle soup

The embossed packaging graphics and the packaging design were created for Germany’s Asian Food chain Coa. The pagoda-like shape of the cardboard was achieved through a special folding technique.

PET bottle opener


Developed for the tradition-rich German steal manufactory
"mono". The "mono zip" is made of deep-drawn stainless steel.
It has an ergonomically reduced design, offers easy handling and
superb mechanical torque. A must-have for obstinate screw
caps and design-savvy contemporaries.

Magnetic modular furniture system

The separate modules can be assembled without screws.
The units can be swapped around and/or extended easily,
all without the need for tools. Thanks to its simple magnetic
connections the system can be readily reconfigured at any
time. Manufactured in Switzerland between 2002 and 2005,
this modular furniture system was nominated for the Design
Report Award at the Milan Furniture Fair.

Chair for the Milan Furniture Fair

A light and airy chair designed for office and home use. Flexible tubular frames connect the seat to the back rest and provide optimal leverage for an individual ergonomic sitting posture.
The Airflow Chair was nominated for the Design Report Award
at the Milan Furniture Fair.

Prototype with a singular spring hinge system

A simple, classic-modern lounger that features an unusual adjustment system. Plain steel springs take the place of the more usual hinges and a centrally located wire is operated to adjust
the seating position.

Leak locating correlator

This wireless, high-tech correlator by Gutermann Int. for acoustic detection of leaks in conduit systems. The device's highly complex technology has been miniaturized, and its carefully planned interface ensures optimal ease of operation.

Minimalist table with a steel frame

The table top, made of a barely 12 mm thick composite material, appears to be floating above the frame. The reduced stainless steel construction featuring only one central strut offers maximum legroom beneath the table top.

A modular display of acrylic and aluminum

Created for Swarovski, this modular display is made of milled acrylic elements. Together with its interchangeable aluminum elements it can be utilized with greatest flexibility.


SWAROVSKI Baselworld

For the Baselworld exhibition CORE Design received the assignment to design an entire range of jewelry busts, acrylic displays and iPad frames to showcase Swarovski's broad jewellery and watch selection.

CORE 3D-Print

Our 3D printer produces multicolored 3D prototypes in durable ABS polymer within a day. Furthermore, we also provide an extensive range of 3D CAD and rendering services in the preliminary 3D stage.