For over 10 years we have been working together as an interdisciplinary team with comprehensive know-how to draw on and a strong creative drive. As an experienced team we are always on the lookout for visionary products in line with the market. Our structured design process has proven itself in countless projects and guarantees our clients a transparent and target-oriented project flow. Thanks to our lean cost structure and cooperation with a well-established network of freelancers we are able to offer complex projects at attractive conditions.

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Balz Steiger Core Design 
dipl. Product Designer & dipl. Graphic Designer

Creative Director/Owner

Design has always been my passion. I am fascinated by the symbiosis between analysis, creativity, technology, aesthetics and functionality. I enjoy the challenge of extracting the complex correlations between these separate areas in a structured manner and channeling them into a successful project. A process that can be applied equally in 2-dimensional as well as in 3-dimensional projects. .
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Dalith Steiger Core Design 
dipl. Math.
Strategic Business/Owner

My main tasks consist of analyzing strategic and logical aspects while coordinating project processes. Often I am also present during the creative stage of the project and can contribute constructive input from a different perspective. We firmly believe that a personal and close client contact is essential in order to remain in tune with our clients and avoid misunderstandings.
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Mirjam Köllner Core Design 
dipl. Media Designer
dipl. in Marketing Communication

Creativity and precision are the most essential aspects of my daily work. The aim is always to achieve accurate results and provide our clients with the best possible service.
Talented independent professionals

We are proud of our broad network of dependable freelancers both in and outside of Switzerland who we engage according to project requirements. Be these graphic designers, copywriters, marketing specialists, product designers, engineers, materials specialists or toolmakers, we remain the central contact for our client at all times.
dipl. office Dog

In charge of meeting and greeting as well as security. Special preferences: mailmen and frisbees